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P.A.C.K. philosophy ties in to the basic nature of beings needing to be a part of something bigger. Packs are like families, businesses, charities, teams. Each one relies on the structure and knowledge of a clear path, good leadership, guidance, and a central goal. P.A.C.K. philosophy assumes of the owner to take the Lead, to Guide, to Mentor, to Protect, and to Provide, making life SAFE, SECURE and LOVED.

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Helping you love your dog and making life better for all

Love your dog every day. Utilize your time, affections, commitment, care and thoughtfulness to help you love your dog and your dog to love life with you. Your dog loves you. You love your dog. Love your life with your dog.


Things to do with the P.A.C.K.

PACK Training

Behavioral & Relationship

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Safe. Secure. Loved.

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Everything else you can do

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“Dance, sing, and love your dog like no one is watching”

- Erdem Tuncsiper

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Chicago IL United States

(917) 306-0426

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